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Here Are the Changes We Can Expect on the Leasehold Reforms

The Law Commission has recently closed a consultation on its proposals for the reform of leasehold enfranchisement…

Support Through Clinical Negligence Claims Shouldn’t Stop at the New GP Indemnity…

The Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice (CNSGP) — the newly launched state-backed GP indemnity scheme —…

What Does Brexit Mean for Money Laundering Regulation?

What will happen to the trading and regulatory relationship between the UK and EU post-Brexit?

Social Media: Malicious Communication Vs Harassment

The escalation of social media and internet usage in recent years has profoundly restructured the way we…

24% Would Contest a Will: The Avoidable and Costly Route to Resolution

Challenges to wills are becoming increasingly common.

Will Brexit Make Money Laundering Easier?

Below Aziz Rahman of business crime solicitors Rahman Ravelli examines the worrying money laundering implications…

The Legalities of Personal Protective Equipment

Regardless of the industry that your business operates within, you will be familiar with Personal Protective…

Failed Partner Hires: Why Do Firms Fail to Keep Their Partners?

For most of the larger firms, lateral partner hiring is part of a balanced growth and recruitment strategy.…

Are Businesses Ready for Climate Change?

Whether you are going to Trump this one out and state you don’t believe it, many scientists and experts have…

Will ‘Upskirting’ Become Illegal?

Two new offences will be created when the Voyeurism (Offences) Act 2019 comes into force in April.

Are Sanctions the Solution to the India-Pakistan Dispute?

When two nuclear-armed nations launch air attacks against each other, the world takes notice. India and Pakistan’s…

NHS Delayed Treatment Report Likely to Spark Negligence Claims

Delay is in the news again. Delayed Brexit, delayed trains and add to that delayed NHS treatment.

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How Will Brexit Affect Workers’ Rights?

With the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU) fast approaching, working people are still uncertain about what could happen to their hard-won rights when Brexit happens.


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America’s Rocky Mountains and Her Hidden Secret: Aspen Is not just for Skiers

Renowned for her ability to attract thrill seekers, Aspen’s mesmerising beauty stretches farther than her snow ridden peaks that effortlessly lures in avid winter skiers.  Once home to an abundance of silver, venturing into Colorado’s highlands now offers more than what money used to put a price on; the picturesque views paired with the…

Law Firms Need to Confront ‘Desk Eating’ Culture

We’ve all done it - attempted to eat that BLT sandwich whilst tapping out an email, at the same time as reading a report that’s been on your desk for 2 days.

How to Stay Motivated Post-January Blues

Being a lawyer is hard work, and working hard even more so, but letting the January blues take a hold of you isn’t an option.